5 Things To Look At While Buying Gold Coins

Made of pure gold or containing a portion of alloy metals for scratch resistance, gold coins are usually sold to collectors and investors. Gold has often been used as a means of money in a variety of situations. Buying gold coins is one of the many hobbies and pastimes of people worldwide. Many different factors determine the value of these coins, such as its scarcity, the age of the coin itself, the overall condition of the coin itself and the how many coins were originally created at the time that particular lot or series of coins were produced. If you are a novice gold collector or investor, it’s important to learn as much as you can about numismatic and bullion coins, the difference between the two types of coins, which coins make a good investment option and which ones should be considered for your numismatic collection. When buying gold coins, there are certain elements and things you should look for as the investment is important whether it’s a hobby or something you are seeking to diversify your portfolio with.

Here is a list of 5:
1. American vs. international coins – this is an extremely important factor to remember when buying gold coins. While gold is a highly sought after, an investor should consider owning coins that have lower premiums and allow for a higher return on their investment. Liquidity on the American vs. international coins varies and it is important to research the particular gold coin that you are thinking of purchasing.

2. The Premium – premiums are known to be a percentage that is added to the overall value of the particular gold coin. The premium is usually determined by the distribution and the minting. This is something to consider when buying gold. Premium percentage markups can range.

3. Numismatic or bullion – knowing the differences between the two is important when buying gold coins. Numismatic coins are evaluated using a grading scale and are more suitable for gold collectors rather than investors. Gold bullion value is assessed by their metal content and is the optimum investment for investors. Gold bullion can be easily converted into cash and investors usually receive a high return on their initial investment.

4. Honest dealers – know who you are dealing with. Due to high levels of cons and scams, researching the potential gold coin dealer that you will be purchasing your coins from is vital. There are many fake gold bullion dealers in the marketplace and doing the necessary research will avoid later issues, problems and pitfalls.

5. Where will the Gold Coins Be Stored? A major decision is where to store your coins once they are purchased. Despite the fact that gold does not tarnish, gold is still vulnerable to dents and scratches, as all precious metals are. Bank safety deposit boxes are a good place to store your gold. Choose a bank that is in strong financial condition and is relatively close to your home, in case you want to have immediate access to your coins. Floor safes are also good places to store your gold coins. By having a floor safe, the safe is not visible to potential burglars.

V7Gaming Strats

World of Warcraft is an online game that requires a lot of ability and strategy! You will have to get pass umpteen hours of playing to hone your skill, however you can save yourself a lot of aimless running in circles and frustration, with some help in mastering the game. All you have to do is gain the knowledge of and apply the right strategies.

Here we possess a few World of Warcraft Strats, that will lead you on your jaunt to master the game quickly and undo your opponents with maximum power:

Gaining level 90 in World of Warcraft is one of if not THE most grievous thing, most new players wander around haphazardly and this will not improve your chances of hitting your goal as most of the time the kills will not be linked to any quests etc. One of the best World of Warcraft Strats is when you are ready to level your first character do this by Questing or Instances.
You can start Quests by to quest npc’s. Quest Help add ons guide you through your quests, where you can acquire other ways of starting quests and also where to turn them in.
*Gleaming Gold Goodness!! You will need a ridiculous amount of gold it is essential for nearly everything in the game. The easiest ways to get gold as a beginner are through Mining or by using the Gathering Professions.Visit V7Gaming for more details.

Always make sure you study your map properly and use your compass correctly (its surprising how some players don’t and it can be a massive provide)
A mob’s color and title represent how painless or herculean it is. If you run into enemies or disorderly beasts such as wolves and bears that are gray level indicator, then you won’t get any XP for dispatching them. If the place indicator is red with “???”, then avoid that opponent at all costs. It’s way beyond your level and will kill you with a few hits.
Look out for “elite” mobs. They are a lot harder to defeat than normal enemies. Even when you run into an elite that is a comparable level as you, be cautious when attacking it, especially if there are other mobs close. You may end up being attacked by the elite AND other mobs at the same time.
Note: The primo players didn’t start out that way, it takes time, effort, experience and most of all intellect and using the best World of Warcraft Stats to be the best and get to where you want to be within the game and master all elements. All the top players use proven guidance!

WOW is all about Strategy and these essential World of Warcraft Stats will help towards conquering end game content and becoming an online legend in no time at all!