Review on Commercial Umbrella

Do you own a restaurant or cafe and want to protect your guests from the harsh elements while they are enjoying their refreshments in open air? Or do you wish to add a touch of style to your patio table at home? Either way, a market umbrella can be perfect addition to your establishment. These umbrellas are characterized by a straight-edged canopy instead of hanging valances, as in other varieties. These umbrellas usually have either a rectangular or square shaped top with a frame having 6 or 8 ribs. Many of the umbrellas also have a built-in tilt option, allowing the owner to align these in the perfect direction so as to block out most of the Sun’s rays. Umbrellas in light colors can resist the UV rays of the Sun as well, protecting the people underneath.

Before you go about purchasing a market umbrella, you should do a little planning about your exact requirements. Market umbrellas are available in a host of options of sizes, frame types and fabrics, so as to fit both your requirements and your budget. Choose yours carefully, based on the following criteria to make sure you get the right one for your establishment.Get the facts about  Commercial Umbrella  see this.

The size of the umbrella
Market umbrellas come in various sizes. Choose according to the size of the table, so as to ensure maximum coverage. Keep the following information in mind to make sure you pick the right umbrella:

1. 7-foot long umbrellas are good for providing a comfortable shade over any café table up to 35 inches in length.

2. Tables up to 48 inches in length need shade from a 9-foot umbrella.

3. 10-foot patio umbrellas can provide lots of cover from the elements over tables that are up to 60 inches long. These umbrellas are usually offset, allowing you to place those wherever you need.

4. 11-foot market umbrellas are perfect for covering rectangular tables up to 72 inches in length. Some 11-foot umbrellas are oval in shape and will look absolutely in place over your oval-shaped patio table.

The type of frame
Umbrella frames come in wood or aluminum. Both are excellent in terms of looks and durability, so let your personal preferences and wallet guide you to your final choice.

Wood – Wooden frames are more expensive, but undoubtedly the classier option among the two. These are well-suited for wooden decks and patios. Choose an umbrella with a well-polished wooden frame, and you can be assured of years of faithful service.

Aluminum – Umbrellas with aluminum frames stand up to the elements and stay in good shape for years. The corrosion-resistant property of aluminum serves well here, lending unmatched durability to the frame and providing excellent value for money.